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Transparent Pricing All Year Round

No gimmicks, just 100% quality 100% of the time

Here at Deluca Interiors, we don’t believe in inflating prices only to reduce them again so that customers believe that they are getting a good deal.

Part of our ethos is to offer transparent pricing and the best value all year round, so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any sales gimmicks or special events on our website.

Instead, we concentrate our efforts in connecting our customers with the best quality Italian craftsmanship from our network of genuine manufacturers and take care of all of our customers by putting in place a variety of services that you won’t find when purchasing furniture from other online retailers.

Excellent service as standard

In addition to receiving the best value and quality as standard, you can also be assured of excellent service every time you order from us.

Should you have a question or query during any stage of your order, our team is on hand to provide continual status updates and, in the unlikely event you aren’t completely happy with your products once they arrive, we promise to remedy the situation quickly and to your satisfaction.