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SCAMMERS Italian Home Designs Rotherham 01709 925354

BUYERS BEWARE OF SCAMS buying Italian Furniture and Sofas from Italian Home Designs Rotherham 01709 925354.

If you’ve arrived at this page, then you’ve most likely typed Italian Home Designs Rotherham 01709 925354 into your search engine or are looking for eBay seller of Italian furniture asif_121.

The good news is that you’ve found us first. The other good news is that you may just save yourself some headaches and hard earned cash by reading on.

But before we continue. If you think you may have purchased an imitation "Made in Italy" or "Real Leather" sofa through false advertising in the past 6 years you may be entitled to a refund and you can find more information at the bottom of the page.

We’ve created this page to bring attention to consumers that eBay seller asif_121 who sells Italian Furniture in Rotherham from Italian Home Designs 01709 925354 is misleading unaware customers with false advertising.

Now to be clear – we are not saying that all of the products that eBay seller asif_121 is advertising from Italian Home Designs 01709 925354 are fake or misleading.

However, we do know for certain that some of the Italian furniture in Rotherham items he is selling are either no longer available discontinued products, or otherwise not what is being advertised.

We can be 100% sure of this because he is using our sofa images which he can not source and will most definitely be supplying an inferior product to what is being shown.

Is the "Italian leather sofa" being advertised an Italian made leather sofa? Or is it a Chinese sofa made with Italian leather?

This is our Venus sofa. 100% Made in Italy. 100% real thick hardwearing buffalo leather. 100% made to order to your exact specification using only the best materials.

From the wood used in our frames, to the filling in our seats and the leathers or fabrics we use to upholster - Each of our sofas are made to be enjoyed for many years.

If you swipe on the image and look closely, you can still see our watermark that has been attempted to be covered up with the Rotherham Italian furniture shops telephone number.

This sofa is made exclusively for Deluca Interiors in the UK. If purchased from asif_121 Italian Home Designs 01709 925354 or anywhere else, we guarantee you will not be buying a sofa as shown in the photo.

Another example is of our Athena sofa circled here in a Facebook post from back in October 2020.

If you swipe to the second image you might be surprised to see that this exact same sofa (photo taken in our store 3 years ago) is somehow available for immediate delivery from Italian Home Designs in Rotherham on 04/11/23.

And yes, that is our angry face.

There are retailers who are using the word play and supplying Italian leather on sofas made in China. But there are also retailers, and Italian manufacturers, that are cutting costs and corners by using cheaper materials and leathers.

These alternatives made with corrected grain or faux leathers are available in similar styles and are usually advertised using the same manufacturer images.

However the quality of these sofas will mostly be reflected in the price.

Quite often we hear complaints about seats sagging and leather peeling (even frames breaking!!) from customers who were mis-sold these cheaper alternative sofas.

Italian Home Designs 01709 925354 and eBay seller asif_121 has taken this a step further. He is advertising Italian leather sofas alongside his Italian Furniture in Rotherham but he is using our images.

Sofas which we can 100% guarantee he is not able to supply, and you will not be receiving a like for like quality sofa as advertised in our photos.

Our Oxford suite is another photo that eBay seller of Italian furniture asif_121 has stolen and is using as his own. It's another exclusive design of ours which he can not source.

The third image is our Serena sofa. This photo was taken in the same spot and has been included to validate that it is indeed our Cannock showroom.

Italian Home Designs Rotherham is also offering similar models which in the listing is described as leather - we encourage you to check that they are not in fact faux leather which is how those particular sofas are supplied.

As a consumer buying online you trust the image advertised is a true representation of the product you will receive. Unfortunately, in these cases Italian Home Designs Rotherham 01709 925354 and asif_121 will not be supplying the high quality sofa which he is advertising and which you have a right to expect.

We have approached Italian Home Designs Rotherham 01709 925354 and eBay seller asif_121 several times and they are unwilling to remove our images and knowingly continue to falsely advertise on both their Facebook and eBay pages. Although we do expect the Facebook post to be removed (for a second time) once this page comes to their attention.

UPDATE: We have added a 3rd screenshot of our Athena sofa - the ones taken 3 years ago but are available for immediate delivery from Italian Home Designs in Rotherham. He did remove the post but has reposted again (for a 3rd time!!) but has now restricted any comments leaving us unable to warn potential victims that they will not receive what is in the photo. Why is this the only post on his Facebook page that has comments disabled?

We do hope that the information on this page will help both shoppers make informed decisions and ask the right questions while shopping online, and also anyone that feels they have been mis-sold to in the past.

It is also worth being advised that if you are buying Italian furniture in Rotherham from asif_121 via eBay then we strongly suggest that you take advantage of eBays buyer protection.

Asif_121 is registered as a private seller on eBay and not a business. Thereby, as per eBay terms and conditions, consumer rights stemming from EU consumer protection law do not apply. eBay buyer protection still applies to most purchases.

If you are buying Italian furniture from Italian Home Designs in Rotherham 01709 925354, please also be aware that this company along with asif_121 of eBay are not buying directly from the manufacturers in Italy.

They are not certified resellers and are instead part of a supply chain including distributors and other retailers which in course will affect your statutory 12 month manufacturer warranties. And as we mentioned at the beginning, we did notice quite a few listings are of discontinued products so please proceed with caution before making any payments.

We understand that shopping online can be difficult. Whenever possible we always encourage customers to travel and see the furniture they are buying in person. If you have any doubts or would like more information please feel free to contact us.

If you have been mis-sold a leather sofa in the last 6 years you could be owed compensation.

If you've unknowingly purchased a fake or counterfeit item, or been misled during a sale, rest assured that you have the legal right to a refund. In fact, taking action against the seller is also an option. You can report them to Trading Standards or even accuse them of fraud. While Trading Standards may pursue legal measures against the seller, they are unable to assist you in recovering your money.

So, how can you go about obtaining a refund? Well, if you've paid for the imitation goods within the last 30 days, you are legally entitled to a full refund. In case it has been over 30 days but within 6 months, the seller has the option to offer a genuine replacement for the fake item. However, if a replacement is not provided, they are obligated by law to initiate a refund.

For your convenience, here's an example of what you can say or write when requesting a refund: "Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, I am entitled to a refund because the item I received does not match its written or verbal description." For example if you were sold a real leather sofa but this is not what you received.

It's worth noting that all businesses by law should keep copies of all purchase and sales receipts for 6 years.

Now, if you've made the payment more than 6 months ago, you may still be eligible for a partial refund based on the extent of use and the duration of ownership. Do note that after the 6-month mark, it becomes harder to proceed in this way, as you may be required to prove the item's inauthenticity. In such cases, reaching out to the authentic brand for a thorough inspection might be worth considering.

Remember, your consumer rights are valid for up to 6 years, depending on the quality and standard of the item at the time of purchase. However, it's important to note that after 6 years, you no longer have the right to request a refund.

Sometimes, sellers may argue that the fake items were priced suspiciously low, implying that you should have been aware of their inauthenticity. However, it's crucial to remember that this does not nullify your legal rights. Selling counterfeit goods is a violation of the law, and you are entitled to the protection provided by your legal rights.

If you require further assistance on how to retrieve your funds, you should reach out to the Citizens Advice consumer helpline. For individuals in Northern Ireland, you should contact the Consumerline.